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Duck Island Ice Cream

What we did

Brand Identity
Signage and Wayfinding
Visual Communications
Web and Digital Design

Duck Island ice creams are typically a mix of the unexpected and familiar, created in small batches with a hands-on approach, using quality seasonal ingredients—they even make their own marshmallows. The brand’s visual language plays with these ideas, utilising soft, subtle colour shifts to create creamy base tones with often unexpected accents and colour combinations to delight and tease the eyes and taste buds.

The design language also finds inspiration from the curvaceous deco-esque forms of their fully restored 1964 Austin FGK30 Ice Cream Van, affectionately known as the Duck Truck. These deco curves utilise softly contrasted split tones and clean, cohesive colour-way logic to bring the right mix of understated contemporaneity, fun and nostalgia to the brand.

Some of the forms in the Duck Island display typeface literally remind us of ice cream being scooped! The font also nails the playful, independent and idiosyncratic voice of the brand and its cheeky culinary innovations. This is a business in the business of serving up scoops and smiles.